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2021 SICC Awards

About 2021 SICC Awards

The SICC Awards are designed to recognise, celebrate and learn from the commercial collaborations between companies which work together to innovate to create new products and services and/or resolve barriers to capacity growth.

The SICC Awards are consistent with the Chamber’s belief that collaboration is often the quickest way for companies to innovate. They are also consistent with the Chamber’s support of Enterprise Singapore’s PACT programme. Through its awards, the Chamber hopes to encourage more mutually beneficial collaborations between companies.

Winners of the SICC Awards will participate in a TV programme “Collaborate to Innovate” to share the key lessons from their collaborations and how collaborating helped their businesses innovate quickly and achieve value for themselves and their customers.

2021 marks the sixth year that the Chamber is presenting these Awards.

Why should my company take part in the Awards?

  • The SICC Awards are the only awards dedicated to celebrating collaborations between companies.
  • Stand up and be recognised as a champion of collaborative innovation – a key thrust of Singapore’s economic restructuring and its sustained success.
  • Network and learn from the failures and successes of fellow champions of innovation and share how challenges can be overcome to encourage others to innovate via collaboration.

Awards logo

The logo symbolises Collaboration and Innovation. The coming together of the circular dots represents collaborative efforts by groups of companies and the formation of the sunburst motif represents the innovation and new products created as a result of the collaborations.